TÁR Season: In the Bedroom

The podcast is back! There’s a new Cate Blanchett movie in theaters soon so a conversation must be had. To celebrate TÁR we will have a few episodes to discuss the movies that preceded it and the ones that inspired it. This week it’s Todd Field’s first film as a writer / director, In the Bedroom.In this episode Murtada welcomes programmer and podcaster Desmond Thorne to discuss what makes Field’s movies entralling, and the mood, tension and outsize performances of Sissy Spacek and Tom Wilkinson in this chamber drama.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Todd Field – what makes him special? Themes he’s concerned with?
  • Actors do great work in this film even in the smallest parts.
  • HowField sets up the life of the inhabitants of this small town so precisely and the relationships between them, then zeroes in to the main characters 
  • The tension between Marisa Tomei and Sissy Spacek from the first scene
Sissy Spacek and Tom Wilkinson in In the Bedroom
  • All the confrontations and the arguments leading to the murder happen just off camera. Never showing “the main event” but what’s around it.
  • We go deep into the big confrontation scene between Spasek and Tom Wilkinson
  • The thriller elements at the end – antithesis to not showing at the beginning?

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