The ‘TÁR’ Miniseries

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Now that TÁR has been nominated for 6 Oscars, listen to the three episodes we recorded dissecting the film and Cate Blanchett’s performance. All in one spot.

#1 TÁR

In the first podcast  critic and prgrammer Rafa Sales Ross  joins Murtada to discuss Cate Blanchett’s latest towering performance, Todd Field’s elsusive jigsaw puzzle script and Nina Hoss’ fantastic reaction shots. 

#2 TÁR; The Spoiler Podcast

The TÁR discussion continues with a special spoiler episode. Murtada Elfadl welcomes actor Wyatt Fenner, from the upcoming movie Chrissy Judy, to dig deeper into Cate Blanchett’s latest towering performance, where Todd Field places the POV, spoiling the film and in particular three big scenes that form the thesis of the film including the rather divisive ending.

# 3 TÁR Wide Shut

In the finale, Murtada welcomes writer and podcaster Manish Mathur, host of It Pod To You podcast to discuss the thematic correlations between TÁR and Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. They also delve into how repeated viewings of the film reveal deeper meaning and the popularity and memefication of Lydia Tár.

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3 thoughts on “The ‘TÁR’ Miniseries

  1. Katrin Schmidt-Berg

    Hi! I am a Cate fan from Berlin, Germany! I love your insightful podcasts! However I am totally at a loss over what happened last night at the Oscars – as is everyone here in Germany, or Europe for that matter, where all the pundits predicted Cate winning to be a no-brainer!
    Your take?


      1. Katrin Schmidt-Berg

        Still very odd from a European perspective… Nobody knew about this movie! Now it will take over all big screens here. Well, we know Cate’s performance is for the ages – whatever she does!


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